Model A

Model A of Security Window Bars is a unique and robust security solution. This model can be installed both in the wall frame and in the window frames, allowing you to adapt the installation to your specific needs. With dimensions of 16.5 x 43 inches, Model A adapts to a wide variety of window sizes. In addition, thanks to its telescopic system, it can adjust up to a height of 65 inches. In width, Model A can be expanded by adding modules, allowing for even greater customization.

Modular Adjustable Security Window Bars

These heavy-duty window bars with a decorative design can be installed inside or outside the window, using the security screws.

These bars fit any window size

Number of modules required depends on the length of each window.

Window width

Number of modules

Maximun height

IMPORTANT: Window bars may not be compliant in all areas. Consult local building and fire codes before installing.

The emergency kit is sold separately.


Resistance test

Telescopic System

Security Screw

Emergency Exit Release Kit


Not included with the bars, sold separately

The Emergency Exit Release Kit only works with Model "A"


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